About Pascale

I come from a graphic Design background which is reflected in my works. I completed my Graphic Design course at Randwick Tafe and worked as a Graphic Designer/illustrator for over 10 years, designing products, advertising brochures, packaging, logos and video covers. During this time I also produced many children’s illustrations and greeting cards on a freelance basis. I also undertook a fine Arts Degree whilst still working as a Graphic Designer and this started my experimentation with different painting styles.

After moving to Palm Beach in 1998 I decided to pursue my real passion – painting. Palm Beach and the Northern Beaches of Sydney have provided great inspiration for me – and my paintings hopefully reflect the vibrancy and colours of my surroundings. My graphic design training has helped me with balance, colour and form which I need for my paintings.

I like to use a great deal of texture in my paintings so they have a somewhat tactile quality about them. I enjoy working with bright, cheerful colours, especially red. I layer many colours on top of one another to help exaggerate the texture and finish the artwork with a high gloss layer to help highlight the intensity of the colour scheme.

Ladies with Picasso style eyes, fruit, fish and flowers are recurring themes throughout many of my artworks. Exotic ladies with baskets of fish, ladies picking beautiful flowers, a lover’s connection…I hope all of my paintings bring a sense of joy and “life” to their surroundings. I will more than happily do a commission artwork to any size, colour way or subject matter requested.

I hope my paintings are always fun, happy and full of surprises and my ultimate hope is that they bring joy into the lives of their owners.